In combination of technological innovations of Germany and Japan, Oslin becomes the first domestic brand of piano in Malaysia. Following the design of Malaysia human engineering and ergonomics, Oslin piano is able to create a higher level of comfort.

Oslin carries the deepest thought and love of the founder of CPJ Music, Chong Chuan Hin to his wife, and the son, Chong Ping Jian to his mother. The name OSLIN comes from the name of their wife or mother.

Fingers running through the black and white keys of the piano, while Chong Ping Jian is playing the piano, the music carries the deepest memory of him and his mother.

In the past, although it is objected by the family, his mother bought him a piano by her own savings after two years because he loves music so much. However, unfortunately, due to their unawareness to piano, they were deceived by a piano seller and eventually bought a malfunction piano.

Therefore, since Year 2012, Chong Ping Jian determined to do what he could and wanted everyone to have a good quality piano.

After continuous innovation and creation, in May 2016, the first Oslin was created by love and now there are six different models of piano are created. Moreover, in 2019, ‘Your Pianist’, the latest automated piano is officially launched. Our Intellectual Property Consultant- Francis Chong is in charged to make sure all of the Oslin trademarks are under intellectual property protection.
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