CPJ Music established at October 2013, has the largest piano factory in Johor Bahru, piano technician, sales and transportation team. These are created to offer the most professional service to solve customers’ problems about the musical instruments. CPJ MUSIC is also the Malaysia general agent of SCHOLZE, a brand under the largest piano manufacturer in Europe, the PETROF Group. Now, CPJ MUSIC has four branches, which are CPJ MUSIC MOUNT AUSTIN, CPJ MUSIC SCHOOL SKUDAI, CPJ MUSIC PARADIGM MALL and CPJ MUSIC KULAI.

CPJ MOUNT AUSTIN is the largest musical instrument flagship store created by CPJ MUSIC. Besides that, there is a café inside the flagship store to enhance customers shopping experiences.

CPJ MOUNT AUSTIN covering an area of 12,000 square feet, the four-storey musical instrument store, and it is the largest music showroom in South Malaysia. CPJ MOUNT AUSTIN is the largest piano showroom in Malaysia, the largest music instrumental showroom in South Malaysia, and the only grand piano store in Johor Bahru. It specializes in selling grand piano, upright piano, keyboard, guitar, violin, cello, jazz drum, ukulele and more.

Moreover, CPJ MUSIC will enter into the second phase of the project in future, offer more different types of music instruments for music lovers to buy. Music instrument consultation will be offered to solve customers’ problems and assists them in purchasing a musical instruments that suits to them.

CPJ MUSIC SCHOOL SKUDAI is a music education school. There are eight music lessons available, including piano course, drum course, ukulele course, vocal course, violin course, guitar course, theory group class and so on.  In addition, there are more than 200 of music students.

CPJ MUSIC PARADIGM MALL is a small musical instrument store that sells wide range of musical instruments and accessories.

CPJ MUSIC KULAI is now a CPJ MUSIC piano manufacturer.

CPJ MUSIC 成立于2013年10月,拥有全新山最大的独立钢琴厂、独立钢琴技术师、销售及运输团队。这是为了提供最专业的服务,以便解决家长对钢琴陌生的烦恼。CPJ MUSIC 同时也是欧洲最大钢琴生产商PETROF集团旗下品牌SCHOLZE的全马总代理。至今CPJ MUSIC已拥有四间分行, 其中包括CPJ MUSIC MOUNT AUSTIN, CPJ MUSIC SCHOOL SKUDAI, CPJ MUSIC PARADIGM MALL 和 CPJ MUSIC KULAI.

CPJ MOUNT AUSTIN 就是由 CPJ MUSIC 打造的最大型乐器旗舰店。占地12000方尺,共四层楼的乐器专卖店,设有各大品牌专柜,展示厅内还有为顾客建设的咖啡厅以提供最新的购物体验。

CPJ MOUNT AUSTIN是全马最大型的钢琴专卖店、马来西亚南马区最大的乐器展行、也是全新山唯一的三角钢琴专卖店。这里专门售卖钢琴、电子琴、吉他 、小提琴、 大提琴 、爵士鼓 、乌克丽丽等等。这里售卖的钢琴不单只有国产OSLIN钢琴,也售卖各国品牌的钢琴。不仅如此,在未来的日子里,CPJ MUSIC 将会第二阶段工程,引进更多种类乐器供音乐爱好者选购。在所有展行内也提供钢琴和其他乐器咨询服务,拥有最专业顾问团队为顾客分析解答他们对乐器的疑惑并协助他们选购一台适合他们的乐器。

CPJ MUSIC SCHOOL SKUDAI 是一所高素质的音乐教育学校,联合了上海音乐学院(上音),推荐有潜能的学生到上海音乐学院进修和交流。这里提供了八种的音乐教学,其中包括了钢琴,乌克丽丽,吉他,爵士鼓,小提琴,等等。目前已有超过200名的音乐学生。

CPJ MUSIC PARADIGM MALL 则是小型乐器店,售卖各种乐器与配件。


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