Oslin S-160BK
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OSLIN piano are FFW & ABEL Hammers designs as well as the imported Roslau string. Not forgetting, its European imported soundboard and 100% wood craftsmanship from germany. THe keys are made from imported special hardwood with the white keys deriving from high quality solid wood and the black keys being made from African imported ebony to showcase a high texture againts the fingertips. After evaluations are performed, it can be deduced that OSLIN pianos are sensitive and and quick to react. With an exclusive Tone Balancing Technic, OSLIN pianos has a distinct sound quality that able to evoke a feel similar to foreign musicians.

Hammer : German FFW Hammer

Keys : Solid Wood & African Ebony

Size : L1600 x W1510 x H1010

  • German Roslau String, Bright gentle treble bass• German imported FFW & ABEL Hammer, Beautiful timbre hierarchy clear
  • Tone Balancing Technic, Unique sound quality and feel
  • The white keys are made of high-quality solid wood, while the black keys are made of African ebony
  • Five Back Column ensure the stability of structure piano and easily withstand then tension from the string system
  • Wood Struck sting uses European Beechwood to allow better sensitivity and strong ability to play against

OSLIN钢琴采用德国进口FFW & ABEL 榔头,琴弦也采用了来自德国ROSLAU 琴弦,并采用欧洲进口音板,德国100% 木质的击弦机。琴键则采用了进口特殊硬木,白键则使用高品质实木所制,经过检测,弹琴时能更加敏感且反应快速,钢琴黑键则采用了非洲进口乌木,将琴控制自如及展示出超高质感,配上独家音域平衡技术使OSLIN 钢琴拥有超独特音质和手感受到国内外演奏家及老师的青睐。

榔头: 德国高级毛毡
琴键: 进口白松木,乌木黑键
尺寸: L2750 x W1550 x H1030 mm

  • 德国ROSLAU 琴弦,高音轻柔,低音浑厚
  • 德国进口FFW & ABEL 榔头,音色优美层次清晰
  • 独家音域平衡技术,超独特音质及手感
  • 白键则使用高品质实木所制,黑键则采用了非洲进口乌木
  • 五根背柱使钢琴结构更加稳固,轻松承受琴弦系统拉力
  • 击弦机采用欧洲进口榉木,更具灵敏度及抗打能力

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