Oslin SL-126WN
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Oslin Piano utilize Germany's import of FFW & ABEL hammer, as the keys are pressed, the inner mechanism works closely and hits the strings high and low, producing deep, and beautiful twirling sounds.

Hammer : German FFW Hammer

Keys : Solid Wood & African Ebony

Size : L1486 x W621 x H1260

  • German Roslau String, Bright gentle treble bass
  • German imported FFW & ABEL Hammer, Beautiful timbre hierarchy clear
  • Tone Balancing Technic, Unique sound quality and feel
  • The white keys are made of high-quality solid wood, while the black keys are made of African ebony
  • Five Back Column ensure the stability of structure piano and easily withstand then tension from the string system
  • Wood Struck sting uses European Beechwood to allow better sensitivity and strong ability to play against

OSLIN钢琴采用德国进口FFW & ABEL 榔头,随着琴键的触动,里面的部件紧密连接运作,而后敲击着琴弦,亦扬亦挫,深沉,婉转而不失激昂的琴声。

榔头: 德国进口FFW毛毡
琴键: 进口白松木
尺寸: L1485 x W620 x H1320 mm

  • 德国ROSLAU琴弦,高音轻柔,低音浑厚
  • 德国进口FFW & ABEL 榔头,音色优美层次清晰
  • 独家音域平衡技术,超独特音质及手感
  • 白键则使用高品质实木所制,黑键则采用了非洲进口松木
  • 五根背柱使钢琴结构更加稳固,轻松承受琴弦系统拉力
  • 击弦机采用欧洲进口榉木更具灵敏度及抗打能力

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