Oslin S-50
Oslin S-50 Oslin New Piano Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia, Mount Austin Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | CPJ Music Sdn Bhd
With the interlocking keys of natural and accidental keys providing feedback to the finger'stouch are made of special imported hardwood to give a better responsive and sensitivity, with the accidental are made of African Ebony, bringing best texture to the keys, let those who plays our piano transform their emotion and melody into pleasing sounds,
Hammer : German Hammer
Keys        : Solid Wood & African Ebony

Size         : L1485 x W610 x H1230
  • German Roslau String, Bright gentle treble bass
  • German imported FFW & ABEL Hammer, Beautiful timbre hierarchy clear
  • Tone Balancing Technic, Unique sound quality and feel
  • The white keys are made of high-quality solid wood, while the black keys are made of African ebony
  • Five Back Column ensure the stability of structure piano and easily withstand then tension from the string system
  • Wood Struck sting uses European Beechwood to allow better sensitivity and strong ability to play against

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